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Next Generation B.V. is a producer of photoluminescent pigment in the Netherland's, develops and commercializes in non-toxic, non-radiation photoluminescent pigments with the brand name NLP (New Luminescent Pigment). Next Generation BV was founded in 2004 and was designated as one of 20 technical ventures in the Netherlands qualifying for seed and grows funding and technological subsidies and support, resulting in 12 immediate patents after extensive research completed in 2006. Next Generation BV has the advantage and ability to reach out to their customers with state of the art photoluminescent technology.

Next Generation BV's
NLP (New Luminescent Pigments) responds on day and artificial light, by absorbing light energy while giving it back when light conditions are changed to a more dark environment. NLP can be used in many applications and products such as coating, ink, plastic rubber, ceramic and glass. NLP is used in toys, safety, security and decorative products. NLP is of Dutch origin according to EU legislation, REACH registered, more specific legislation subject to change please ask for the lastest update. NLP is available in the following colours of yellow green, ocean blue, and light blue with different particle sizes. NLP New Luminescent pigment is safe to use and is non-toxic, containing no-radiation compared with older photoluminescent pigments.

In 2006 the photoluminescent range was extended with a hybrid technology making photoluminescence responsive on electricity known as EL electroluminescence. EL Electroluminescence is similar in chemical composition as the older photoluminescent pigment, electroluminescent pigment gives light between (120 CD to 80CD) as it receives electricity with an conductive system or diode (LED). EL is available in several colours similar to photoluminescence. EL can be used in ink, coatings, plastic and PVC sheet. EL can be used in a conductive or diode (LED) system. Next Generation BV considers EL the most promising light technology for the future.

luminescent glass, patented by Next Generation B.V.

EL conductivity can be found in our landscapes, in road marking, buildings, laptops, I-pads, I-phones, tablets, led tv, homes and many other applications, lighting up the environment and interactive solutions such as carpets, walls, glass objects. We know EL from LED, however EL (conductive) uses less power than LED and can be used in coatings, inks, plastics and the end products are less than 1 mm thick.

glow in the dark roses

glow in the dark rose close up, Next Generation B.V.'s international patent
Glow in the dark flower application and its patent


In 2007 Next Generation BV extended their range with organic and inorganic UV fluorescent pigments-security pigments SP, which is used in security applications such as driver's license, passports, post stamps and currencies such as the Euro or USD. Security pigments also called UV invisible pigments are visible under UV (black light) of 365 nm, 254 nm or other wavelength's such as IR (Infrared), more details are available upon request.

Photoluminescent pigments with the brand name NLP, the New Luminescent Pigment NLP, Security Pigment SP (organic and inorganic, also named UV fluorescent pigments) and electroluminescent pigment EL, is made on the same equipment / hardware, with different chemical formulations and additional production steps to assure stable chemicals and solutions, the technology is very similar between EL or NLP or SP the chemical behavior and compositions is very similar.

Next Generation B.V.'s approach focuses on long-term partnerships with strategic customers based on mutual success. Combined with tailored innovations, smart chemicals with smart solutions, is our focus, we exchange state of the art technology and knowledge with our customers to yield commercial success.

The support, formal and informal, offered from leading technical experts has allowed Next Generation B.V. to develop at an accelerated pace and deliver promising commercial results in challenging chemical market conditions.

Next Generation B.V.'s vision is to be a long-term business partner for strategic customers. It's approach is direct, reliable, passionate and loyal. Next Generation's focus is paramount in delivering new innovations in close cooperation with our customers. Next Generation B.V. thrives on challenges and welcomes new opportunities to further transform the photoluminescent pigment and electroluminescent pigment market applications and boundaries.


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