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Gerard de Bruijn

Gerard de Bruijn (born 1967) has an entrepreneurial career in technology. He became a technical service manager in the computer industry and later on migrated into ICT.  He became a general manager for a midrange ICT company later on he progressed and became a project manager, logistics manager, and later on a general manager for  a large ICT company, where he also applied several management tasks.

Gerard de Bruijn founded Bright Digital Solution B.V. in 1994. He introduced in cooperation with the Ultima Corporation Taiwan, Artec, flatbed scanners in the EU market, for the Amiga, Apple Macintosh and PC.  Bright Digital Solutions (BDS) was very well received in the Dutch ICT market with +40 publications in leading computer magazines such as Computer Totaal, Personal Computer Magazine, Amiga Magazine, MACworld, Apple World Magazine and Macfan.

With his team of technical experts Gerard de Bruijn brought several innovations, data servers, internet network servers, AV auditing systems (blue and naturel box), remote technical devices and services,  for consumers and midrange companies. A view solutions were followed by other brands such as, Dell, IBM, Compaq, HP and Fujitsu.

Bright Digital Solutions was awarded several times as “editor’s choice” and built the second fastest computer in Europe, working with products and new innovations in ICT. His clients were mainly governmental (national) and private organizations based in The Hague.

Yuhong and Gerard, founders of Next Generation BV


Gerard de Bruijn undertook a Business management education at Bachelors level and studied 3 years at The Hague Free academy of Art and Design. Gerard de Bruijn is the managing director of Next Generation BV.

Yuhong Chen

Candidate Professor  Yuhong Chen MBA (born 1967) has successfully delivered results in various management positions of large Chinese organizations. Yuhong Chen was director of the research commission for the Chinese Construction Industry Association and responsible for national industry initiatives in China.   Yuhong Chen has organised seminars for national contractors on topics ranging from WTO implications to merger and reorganisation.

Yuhong Chen comes from a family which both parents are professors in science and technology, this lead her to obtaining an Bachelors in Economics, Specialisation: Industry Economic Management a Master of Economics from the Graduate School of Chinese Social Sciences Academy, Beijing, specialisation: Investment Management and later on she followed an (MBA) Master in Business Administration at The Hague University

Both founders enjoy their cooperation applying European Management skills and technology combined with state of the art European Technology and research centers combined with Chinese private and publicly owned manufacturers of half fabricated materials. Next Generation B.V. improves technology use and processes the rare earth material in the form of usable end products, working in close cooperation with several European companies.

The vision of Next Generation B.V. is to focus on new applications and innovation where photoluminescent pigment is integrated in, new patented applications, while improving the quality of photoluminescent, electroluminescent and Security pigment with western production methods according to an acceptable European standard.

Prof. Yuhong Chen MBA is the technical director of Next Generation BV.

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