photoluminescent pigment, glow in the dark pigment

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Patented Products, Applications and Processes

The following product and processes have associated patent applications filed in USA, Europe, China and Japan.  

Increasing Brightness Increase of light intensity of photoluminescent pigments (such as NLP®) by the virtue of internal light reflection and hollow glass beads (NLP® or other luminescent pigments).

Liquid Light ®

Light and heat harvesting by use of a composition of a liquid and a fixed inorganic photo luminescent pigment. The result is unique characteristics to harvest light and heat (NLP® or other luminescent pigments).

Luminescent Exit Sign with Artificial Light

Product and application method to make an luminescent exit routing system with the use of photo luminescent pigments integrated in the current (artificial) light box (NLP® or other luminescent pigments).

         luminescent lamp, light, glow in the dark lamp


         Artificial Luminescent Lamp 

         Artificial light lamp and lightning technology,
       through, in, and behind glass and plastics 
       (outside and indoors) made with photo-
       -luminescent pigments. The lamp changes 
       colors when the power is turned off, with the
       use of NLP® or other   luminescent pigments.


                             luminescent light, luminescent lamp, glow in the dark lamp in the dark        

        luminescent candle, glow in the dark candle


Luminescent White Edge Effect on Glass

Product and application method to make photo luminescent light glass surface with white edge effect (matte). (NLP® or other luminescent pigments). 
Luminescent Candle

Luminescent candle which radiates light in the dark with the help of photo luminescent pigments (NLP® or other luminescent pigments). 

Luminescent flat- container- table- kitchen- glass with photo luminescent pigment    

An invention were luminescent pigment is used in glass and plastic, such as PP.PE,PS,PA,PC,PVC,PVB,PMMA for container, table, and architectural purposes.  Luminescent Flowers and Plants  

Flowers and Plants which give light in the dark.


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European high quality reliable photoluminescent pigment supplier

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