photoluminescent pigment, glow in the dark pigment



Reversible Thermochrome colorant

Thermochromic pigments and slurries change color from color to colorless at certain temperature (when it is mixed with normal pigments there will be a colorchange, since the background color will be visible). When temperature decrease reversible variants will go back to its original color. The irreversible variant will not change back color. Color changes are possible from -15C up to + 70C. Individual colors can be produced upon request. Nearly unlimited product range in temperatures and colors.  TP can be used an many applications and products such as coating, ink, plastic rubber, TP is REACH registered.

Reversible Thermochromic pigments and slurries are microencapsulated products.

Literature and Documents of TP Pigments

- Product Lists (on request )
- General Guidline (on request )
- MSDS (on request )



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