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NLP® Photoluminescent

Next Generation BV ’s New Luminescent Pigments NLP, respond on day and artificial light, by absorbing light energy while giving it back when light conditions are changed to a more dark environment.  NLP can be used in many applications and products such as coating, ink, plastic rubber, ceramic, glass, NLP is used in toys, safety, decorative products. NLP is of Dutch origin according to EU legislation, REACH registered. NLP is available in the color yellow green, ocean blue, light blue in different particle sizes.

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EL is similar in chemical composition as the older luminescent pigment, it is a hybrid between old and new technology available to give light (120 CD to 80CD) as it receives electricity. EL is available in basic colors of green and light blue. Other special colors discuss on requests. EL can be used in ink, coatings, plastic and PVC sheet.  

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Security Pigments

SP pigments are invisible pigments, which are visible under UV (black light) of 365 nm, 254 nm or IR (Infrared 980nm) light. They are fluorescent pigments of organic and inorganic versions. Information is available upon request.

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Thermochromic colorant

Thermochromic pigments and slurries change colour from colour to colourless at certain temperature (when it is mixed with normal pigments there will be a colour change, since the background colour will be visible). When the temperature decreases, reversible variants will go back to its original colour. They are reversible Colour changes, and are possible from -15C up to + 70C. These are custom made special effect colorants. Individual colours can be produced upon request. They can be used in many applications and products such as coating, ink and plastic rubber.

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