photoluminescent pigment, glow in the dark pigment



NLP® in Ink

In silk printing, larger particle size accomplishes novel application effects including “matte” white edge effect on glass, (240-320 um screen 20, 70-80 um screen 30, 38-45 um screen 40). For more detail and sharper silk printing results a smaller particle size range of 20-25 um is recommended.

For Flexo application development in cooperation with ink producers is currently resolving in new applications, For offset the challenge of contrasting particle size demands in offset (3.5-4 um).

Many applications require multiple solutions, ink is always a challenge for us, and very satisfying if you find a solution with your customer. The process requires time and effort from both prospective clients and Next Generation B.V. Detailed and proprietary information can be exchanged under a “European confidentiality agreement” to ensure the “match” between the carrier and the pigment is appropriate.

Literature and Documents of NLP® Pigments

- Product Lists for Ink Applications (on request)
- General Guideline for Application in Ink (on request)
- Physiological Data (on request)

Technical Data of NLP®Pigments

- Product Data Sheet of Yellow Green Pigment (on request)
- Product Data Sheet of Light Blue Pigment (on request)
- Safety Sheet (on request)


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